Helina Loor

CEO, Sales & Client Relations
+372 52 08 549

Helina is the founder and CEO of SpeakSmart since 2006.

She's been part of the debate circuit the past 20 years starting as a middle school debater, but then moving on to being a volunteer organizer and a tournament director in most of the debate events organised in Estonia between 2001 - 2008, finally being the convener of European Universities Debating Championships 2008 in Tallinn, Estonia.

She's also been part of the organising team of IDEA Youth Forum 2004, 2007 2008 and European Universities Debating Championships 2017 in Tallinn, Estonia.

She has a master's degree in andragogy from Tallinn University, School of Educational Sciences, which provided her with knowledge to work in the area of lifelong learning and education of adults. 

"We market debate at SpeakSmart as a way of developing analytical thinking and argumentation, structured listening, verbalizing your thoughts and presenting them in public. We tell our clients about our social mission, values and methods and then ask them "do you believe what we believe?". Making a good contact with the client is much easier after a common ground has been established". 

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Helina Loor moderating 30th jubilee event of the andragogy department of the Tallinn University's School of Educational Sciences. 

Helina Loor receiving the Responsible Business Index Silver Level award from the Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Kadri Simson in January 2017.