Siiim Vahtrus

Siim is a trainer of argumentation, public speaking and debate skills, practicing rhetoric and debate over 10 years himself. He has been the Estonian Champion in debate and now acting as a trainer since 2006.

Argumentation and debate skills have come in handy during his whole career – after graduating from the School of Law of University of Tartu Siim has worked as a lawyer and member of the board at Estonian Environmental Law Centre. His work requires using argumentation skills every day, whether in juridical analyses and texts or consulting his clients and representing them in legal disputes and cases. So he has vast knowledge in negotiations, where solid arguments are the basis of a good position.

Siim has trained and consulted numerous private sector firms, public sector officials, non-profit activists and local communities. His recent clients include Elisa Estonia AS, Lingvist, Estonian Public Broadcasting, Elektrilevi, Elering, Law Firm COBALT, Police and Border Guard Board, The National Institute for Health Development, The Harju Centre for Enterprise and Development, Centre for Defence Investment, National Audit Office of Estonia, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Estonian Roundtable for Development Cooperation, Ministry of the Interior etc.

Feedback from participants of Siim’s trainings:

  • Excellent at communicating with the participants, positive and encouraging.
  • Clear expressions and interesting examples.
  • The training surpassed my expectations. After the training I thought of the mistakes I constantly make when communicating. Now I’ve been trying to avoid these mistakes and the conversations have been much more positive.
  • Before negotiations I prepare my arguments in more detail. I am ready for possible setbacks (opponents’ arguments). When I encounter “dirty techniques” during negotiations I now react accordingly or just ignore it.
  • The training lived up to my expectations. I found out interesting and new facts how to act in different communication situations. The content and the structure and of the training was interesting! A very good balance between theoretical and practical content.
  • The trainer is obviously very competent, who is always prepared and who includes all of the participants till the very end.
  • Competent, well prepared and relevant.

Training languages: Estonian, English

Siim works as a moderator under SpeakSmart brand and is also a trainer of moderators.

Picture: Siim doing SpeakSmart radio show with Merko Ehitus Eesti CEO Keit Paal.