Business Argumentation

If rational decisionmaking and communication with various interested parties related to this decisionmaking process are among your daily tasks, then the skills we teach create value for you. Likely the most complex situations involve both of the above simultaneously -- using analytical thinking skills in a rapidly developing communication context, such as around a negotiations table, an oral or written problem solving situation or an inter-cultural business meeting.

Argument as a thinking device is ideal for analysing gathered information, finding and structuring elements of reasoning (claim, evidence etc) and bringing them together into a coherent logical position. Participants of an argument training structure their thinking, create a systematic approach to reasoning and improve their ability to communicate their thoughts.

An additional benefit of argument-training is a shared model of rational thinking and expression, enabling teams to work and talk seamlessly. When one team member is talking of his arguments for a particular decision, everyone else understand what is meant.

Participants of Argumentation and Communication Skills Training can:

  • evaluate interpersonal communication and identify situations, where argumentation is going to be a successful tool;
  • structure their thoughts and expression as persuasive arguments;
  • listen and read structurally, identify arguments or the lack thereof;
  • recognize erroneous arguments and outright fallacies, respond to them rationally;
  • react to arguments in a rational manner;
  • tell apart rational arguments from emotional positions, filter out emotional content;
  • direct anyone to formulate arguments by asking the right questions.
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