SpeakSmart e-training video  "Argumentation Skills"

Argument as a thinking device is ideal for analysing gathered information, finding and structuring elements of reasoning (claim, evidence etc) and bringing them together into a coherent logical position. 

The e-training video consists of three 30-minute videos that cover the main techniques and models of building, analysing, and countering arguments and argument systems, of structured listening and rational interpersonal communication. Videos contain instructions for exercises that can be performed while watching. Content of the e-training videos: 

  • Part 1: Rational Thinking. 36 minutes
  • Part 2: Argument Construction and Structered Listening. 35 minutes
  • Part 3: Analysis and Response. 36 minutes. 
You don’t have to watch the video from start to finish, you can pause it and come back to it later. Total  length of the video is 107 minutes.

Trainer Margo Loor.