We at SpeakSmart believe that rational and strong arguments, less demagogy and calculated decision-making instead of decisions made from a position of power should prevail in the thinking processes, discussions and decision-makings of the work environment.

All of our training topics support the use of argumentation in thinking process and self-expression in professional communications:
  • developing your position through analytical, critical and rational thinking processes;
  • presenting your position in verbal and written communications, where you will need to indicate that your position is supported by strong arguments;
  • preparing and performing a public presentation at a meeting or an event, where you represent the values and viewpoints of your company and deliver them memorably to your audience; 
  • selling products or services to your client during which you will need to provide various sales-arguments in support of your product/service, and to reply to the client’s questions and opinions;
  • negotiating with clients, partners and suppliers during which you express your interests and expectations with arguments, and skilfully defend your arguments while aiming at the communication objective and avoiding resorting to emotional manipulation;
  • designing and leading a discussion or meeting, where the end result is greater than the sum of individual thoughts;
  • making and communicating decisions within your team in way that creates a calm, pleasant and content-rich discussion between colleagues;
  • content-driven teamwork that is built on active listening, and a calm and reasoned expression of opinions.

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