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Like it or not, we all have to negotiate on a daily basis. Whether it is to get a raise, decide on the allocation of tasks for a new project in your team or trying to strike a deal with your business partners – having and understanding of how to prepare, conduct and close negotiations is a vital skill for any professional.

In many instances we are also in for the long haul – we need to both ensure a good outcome and maintain relations with our negotiation partners. This is why more and more, principle- and argument-based negotiations are the best strategy to employ.

In a small group, using discussion and case studies, we'll cover how to:

  • distinguish different negotiation strategies;
  • prepare yourself and your negotiation partners for principle-based, rational negotiations;
  • see behind the bargaining positions;
  • formulate impactful arguments for negotiations;
  • find creative solutions to your negotiation situations;
  • expand the pie instead of splitting difference;
  • close negotiations without bruising egos;
  • handle most common types of difficult negotiations and negotiators.

In SpeakSmart we believe that the only way to learn new skills is by practice – this is why this course focuses on practical tasks and dialogue with participants instead of one-sided lecturing. The course works best, if you have a more time-consuming negotiations situation on your hands or coming up in near future.

Trainer Siim Vahtrus has spent almost 15 years of his life learning and teaching argumentation and rational thinking skills. In addition to being a trainer, he has since 2011 worked as a lawyer in the Estonian Environmental Law Center, where his negotiations skills have been thoroughly tested in practice. As a trainer he has helped to improve negotiation skills of lawyers, ministry officials and other professionals. 

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Training information:
  • Maximum group size 10 participants.
  • Time: 1 days, 10:00 - 15:45, 6 credit hours
  • Price for this training: 199 € + VAT
  • Price for training series: 699 € + VAT
  • Place: SpeakSmart training room "Sõna" @ Telliskivi Creative City, Telliskivi street 60a/3.
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