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Best speakers do not merely talk to you, they do not merely show you, instead they make you live and feel the ideas they want to communicate. Jeremy Clarkson did not showcase cars in a way that hundreds of other car shows around the world do. He made his audience live and breathe in the world of cars. Steve Jobs did not present mobile phones, he engaged people in the magic of technological innovation.

The course provides an environment, where you can learn to create exciting, engaging presentations. We will look at different types of presentations - project reports in corporate meetings, product demos, trainings, conference talks and dinner speeches. Some of our focus areas include using technology in presentations, generating stories and metaphors, turning audiences into participants and creating clear, simple narratives.

A significant part of the course will be built on the questions, situations and material that participants bring to the table. Your learning will be enhanced, if you have an actual presentation coming up. Everything that we discuss we will also practice by finetuning your messages, telling captivating stories, visually sketching concepts and designing slides.

Suitable for expats and people in international teams, who want to learn contemporary speaking skills for business situations.

Focus areas

1. What’s your message?
  • crafting a clear message
  • importance of structure and tools for creating it
  • delivering the structured message
2. Show me and I’ll remember
  • different presentation software tools
  • sketching visual messages
  • powerful ways of supporting your message (incl. photos, slides, charts)
3. Involve me and I’ll understand
  • value added by engaging the audience
  • interactive presentation formats
  • talking to your audience
4. Let me tell you a story
  • influence of stories in thinking and communication
  • the art of captivating storytelling
  • story as a presentation framework
5. Presentation magic
  • emotional engagement of presentations
  • the magic of smiles
  • wow-effect
6. Time waits for no man
  • planning and managing presentation time
  • audience attention span
Trainer Margo Loor is the most experienced trainer of thinking, public speaking and argumentation skills in Estonia. Since 1998, he has conducted trainings of persuasion, discussion and decision-making based on argumentation for managers and professionals. Margo has moderated numerous debates, discussions, conferences and online events.

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Training information:
  • Maximum group size 10 participants.
  • Time: 2 days, both days 10:00 - 15:45
  • Price for this training: 299 € + VAT
  • Price for training series: 699 € + VAT
  • Place: SpeakSmart training room "Sõna" @ Telliskivi Creative City, Telliskivi street 60a/3.
  • Participants agree to Terms and privacy policy (in Estonian).

Feedback from previous trainings:
  • I value this course highly, because I learned a reasonable amount of very practical (and more importantly - completely applicable - all you need to do is use them) methods and tips for making my presentations more compelling and captivating. I’m extremely motivated to try everything that we discussed and practiced during the meetups.
  • Style of the trainer suited me perfectly!
  • I made a short memo for myself during the training that I peek at every time I am preparing for a presentation or going on stage.