European Roots

SpeakSmart Pakistan is a part of the international SpeakSmart company, with headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia, European Union. The roots of argumentation and debate in modern civilization are traced back to ancient European cultures, Greek city states and the Roman Empire. From there, argumentation spread to the UK, where it became the foundation for the Parliament. Later developments took argumentation skills from Europe to US, Asia and beyond. It is this European heritage, that SpeakSmart Pakistan services and mindset is imbued with.

Professional Background 

SpeakSmart has a community of trainers and moderators who possess exceptional backgrounds of both competitive debate and training skills. Competitive debate is a demanding intellectual sport, where argumentation and public speaking skills must be used under time pressure and before judging panels. 

Senior consultants of SpeakSmart Pakistan possess a valuable experience of 21 years in competitive debate, while even our junior trainers are highly equipped with least 5 years of practical know-how. 


Social Responsibility 

We believe it is our responsibility to give back to the society by donating a part of our profits for its betterment. A significant share of the generated income of SpeakSmart Pakistan is therefore being used to fund debating activities at the student level through debate organizations “The Debating Circuit” and “Debaters Resource Group”. These partners teach debate and argumentation skills to students in high schools and universities in order to develop competitive debate in Pakistan and thereby endorse argumentation skills in society.  

In 2017 SpeakSmart Estonia was awarded Silver level of Corporate Social Responsibility by the prestigious Business Forum in the Republic of Estonia, EU. SpeakSmart also serves as a prominent founding member of the Estonian Social Enterprise Network.