We at SpeakSmart believe that rational and strong arguments, less demagogy and calculated decision-making instead of decisions made from a position of power should prevail in the thinking processes, discussions and decision-makings of the work environment.

Our services support the use of critical and analytical thinking, argumentation skills and self-expression in professional communications:
  • IN-HOUSE TRAINING for teams and organisations;
  • CONTINUOUS TRAINING of the thinking and communication skills in your organization in the form of a SpeakSmartClub;
  • INDIVIDUAL CONSULTATION for private learning;
  • ARGUMENT MAPPING in your field of work (sales, human resources, administration) to quickly bring out arguments in support of your product/service, answer questions and respond to counter opinions;
  • MODERATOR to design and lead your meetings or discussions, so that the result of your discussion would be greater than the sum of all the individual participants' thoughts;
  • NEGOTIATIONS MEDIATOR for your negotiations to ensure that your interests and expectations are expressed and defended with argumentation. This also ensures that the objective of the communication is kept in mind and emotional manipulation is avoided;
  • SUPPORT the continuous use of the argumentation skills in your organization with our help.