Drawing on her own experience as a top debater, Anna has the ability to gather and analyse information, to think structurally, to listen and to articulate her ideas in an argumentative way and to defend them at one of the highest levels in Estonia and Europe. As a trainer, Anna's strengths include argumentation, structured thinking and presentation skills, and she has a good understanding of the mental obstacles and hesitations people may face when learning new skills.

Anna is personally interested in the link between psychology and performance anxiety, as her younger self faced a fear of public speaking. Anna therefore works with clients to reduce their fear of performing, using a variety of counselling techniques and combining them with public speaking skills and clever exercises. In 2021, Anna ran the first course of performance anxiety under SpeakSmart and now counsels clients on how to overcome audition anxiety.

Anna is a political scientist and psychologist by training. Anna holds a Master's degree of Science in Political Science from Aarhus University and a Bachelor's degree of Arts in Psychology from the University of Tartu. Her academic interests include clinical psychology, in particular social anxiety, decision-making and influencing psychology, and the application of behavioural science in the public sector. Anna has researched the impact of political demagoguery on voters and has conducted a number of deception experiments for the public sector.

Super high energy, great communication and delivered the content in an engaging way. She also gave very thorough feedback on the speech, for which I am very grateful!
A professional and attentive listener. Good feedback giver. One might say - even a genius. 
Anna is an excellent debater who can see more sides of the dice than the average person. Her interest in the subject and in training people will certainly help her to do it with even more passion and I certainly wish there were more trainers like her. Anna, don't let go of this job! It seems to be your cup of tea! :)