Argument is part of Kai's DNA. She has been a debater herself in primary and secondary school, a coach as a student and now a trainer and moderator for adults. Kai has been a member of the SpeakSmart team since 2007.

Kai has extensive experience in the field of education, she was a long-time debate teacher in Rapla, worked as a project manager for VEPA - the Behavioural Skills Game - at the Institute for Health Development, and trained teachers in debating skills. Kai has worked as a trainer on an international level, has led global debate programmes and has been involved in various training programmes.

Kai holds a Bachelor's degree in education and a Master's degree in English from the University of Tartu. In recent years, Kai has furthered her education by obtaining a coaching qualification, which allows her to incorporate the techniques into argumentation and team training.

Kai has worked for many years as a director of the Estonian Civil Society. Since 2023, she has been working in the Innovation Team of the Government Office.

The trainer was very competent and managed to make the two days of training very interesting and to get everyone to work together.
She was able to manage the group both in the classroom and in the Zoom. The classroom experience is a different one and allows for more involvement. The video training before the training was also a very good idea.
She was good at listening and at the same time getting people to talk. The content of the training was well conducted and the trainer was a professional in argumentation.