Karin joined the SpeakSmart team in 2018 while she was studying for a Bachelor's degree in andragogy. Unlike the other team members, Karin does not have debating background, but over the years she has come to share the same mission and values that SpeakSmart carries forward in its activities.

Karin is SpeakSmart's organisational manager and staff support, ensuring the high quality of our services as well as the happy eyes of our training participants. Karin also makes sure that the trainers in the SpeakSmart team are smiling and full of enthusiasm to share their knowledge.

Karin holds a Master's degree in Andragogy from Tallinn University.

I was very pleased. Karin was very helpful and thought ahead to prevent potential problems.
The training was professional and it was a pleasure to work with her. It was nice that Karin Rohi, the organiser, took the lead in informing the participants and calling them.
The cooperation went very well, everything was done professionally and quickly.